Grand Theft Ananas
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Grand Theft Ananas offical forum by Ananas/Hollow. the current IP to join Ananas: PORT: 7777
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 Grand Theft Ananas Cops & robs

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Grand Theft Ananas Cops & robs Empty
PostSubject: Grand Theft Ananas Cops & robs   Grand Theft Ananas Cops & robs EmptyWed Nov 03, 2010 11:43 am

This is the new forum of GTA - Cops & Robs. It's one of the best gta sa mp servers ever.
the ip to join is: and the server port: 7777 if you Don't have gta on your computer you have to download some stuff.
This are the Download / Install steps for Grand Theft Ananas! Enjoy it.

Step 1:

Step 2:
GTA Torrent

Step 3:
GTA Crack

Step 4:
GTA Multiplayer

Than goto Add server:
than connect and create a nickname ^^
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Grand Theft Ananas Cops & robs
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